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Weed Control & Spraying Services in Ware, Hertfordshire


Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, Perfect Ground Solutions deliver a full range of weed control services. Whether it’s a domestic lawn, a sports field or a horse paddock of hard surfaces, we can supply and apply the correct herbicides to carry out weed control in a safe and efficient manner using trained and friendly staff.


We use hand held or quad bike mounted boom application equipment with the latest nozzle technology to make sure that we target the weeds effectively.


Our lawn weed control services encompass using the most up to date herbicides together with accurate and well maintained weed spraying equipment to make sure that our well trained staff can deliver a first class job in a friendly manner without you have to worry about any aspects of the job.


Lawn Weed Prevention, Suppression & Removal Contractors


Lawn weed prevention or suppression are similar issues in that we can help maintain your grass in a healthy state which will by default resist weed ingress by not providing bare soil for the weed seeds to fall on and by providing healthy and even growth which helps to prevent the weeds gaining a foothold.


In the event that you do have a weed problem in your lawn, as weed spraying contractors, lawn weed removal is our bread and butter and we would love to take care of it for you!


Qualified Domestic & Commercial Weed Spraying Licencees


In order to carry out any form of spraying, weed spraying contractors must be trained and hold the correct type of licence to carry out the work. This is a statutory obligation and those who do not carry the correct weed spraying license are breaking the law.


Our staff are all correctly trained, including the owner who is an accredited Assessor with City and Guilds and the NPTC. This means that we train and assess people for a variety spraying licences which puts us in the right place to know that we are doing the job correctly. It also means that we can offer advice and help to those who a seeking to obtain a weed spraying license.


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