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Lawn Pest Control Services in Ware, Hertfordshire


Lawn pests are small creatures that live within turf, feed on grass plants and are a common nuisance to gardeners in the UK. To help customers treat lawn pest infestation, Perfect Ground Solutions offer lawn pest control services throughout Hertfordshire.

Lawn pests often feed on the root of the grass plant, causing fast deterioration in lawn condition, resulting in large areas of affected turf and ultimately killing grass, if left un-treated.


Garden Pest Control & Prevention Company


As a garden pest control and pest prevention specialist company, we help customers by treating their lawns for a wide variety of lawn pests including:


  • Cypress Aphid
  • Frit Fly
  • Chafer Grub
  • Leather Jackets


Chafer Grubs and Leather Jackets, being the most common types of lawn and garden pests, are described below:



Chafer Grub


There are two main species of Chafer Grub that cause problems in turf and sports surfaces:


  • Garden Chafer Grub (Phyllopertha horticola)
  • Cockchafer Grub (Melolontha melolontha)


The garden chafer is much smaller than the cock chafer with the larvae growing to 15mm in length. The adults are metallic green and bronze and appear in the spring when they lay eggs in the soil. The pupae hatch and feed on grass roots until the autumn when they tend to burrow into the soil to escape the cold, emerging in the spring after pupating as adults.

The cock chafer is much larger, the adults are up to 30mm in length and a brown colour, the larvae are also much larger as they feed in the soil for up to three years.


The main damage is caused by badgers, birds and other animals digging up the soil to reach the larvae. Once a badger has found a suitable patch, they will cause significant damage over a wide area.

Chemical control of Chafer Grubs is available and we would be happy to discuss treatment.



Leather Jackets (Crane Fly or ’Daddy Long Legs’ larvae)


Leather JacketsThese grubs are at the larvae stage of the Crane Fly (Daddy Long Legs). They live in the soil throughout the year before pupating and emerging as adults in late summer.
They can cause some damage to lawns by feeding locally on grass roots, but the majority of damage is caused by other animals and birds digging them up.





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