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Lawn Moss Removal & Control Services in Ware, Hertfordshire


So what exactly is lawn scarification?


Lawn moss can be a temporary problem following drought or water logging; or lawn moss may be more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions.


There are many reasons why moss might infiltrate both new and established lawns and these often relate to poor vigour of the grass, caused by:



Killing and removing moss is a large part of our service offering. Our moss control and removal services start by analysing why the issue exists, then devising a simple programme to help you erase this annoying pest!


Often we reduce the moss using chemicals, then physically removing it using a lawn scarifier (a robust mechanical rake).


Also, unlike many of our industry colleagues, we’re happy to remove all the waste from your property, if required.


Controlling lawn moss includes maintaining a lawn in good condition, so that it continues to repel moss, making sure the grass is healthy by providing the correct balance of nutrition, air, water and light as well as managing the cutting regime correctly. These all address unwanted lawn moss and are elements that we can help you with.


Lawn Moss Treatment Company


Lawn moss treatments is an important part of lawn moss control and we use specialist lawn moss treatments as part of our ongoing programme to help keep your lawn in a healthy condition.


However, the maintenance of the grass itself is just as important. Healthy grass will (in itself) help prevent moss growing and our role in helping you is to make sure that your lawn is in the best condition, to make sure this happens.


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