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Lawn Feed & Fertiliser: Autumn & Spring


Good, nutritional grass feed is the basis for having and maintaining a healthy, green lawn.


Your lawn is made up of many small grass plants which, like all plants, need a balanced diet of nutrients for them to thrive and appear bright green, throughout the spring, summer and autumn months.


With so many lawn feeds and lawn fertiliser’s available, special care needs to be taken to ensure that they are applied uniformly, at the correct rate and especially at the right time of year.


Perfect Ground Solutions constantly change the nutrition ratios of our bespoke grass fertilisers to make sure your lawn remains at its best, considering the weather and time of year.


Our autumn lawn feeds aim to:


  • Build on root growth
  • Thicken leaf cell walls
  • Help protect the plants over the winter
  • Maintain a deep green colour


Our spring grass feeds:


  • Promote fresh leaf growth and strong colour
  • Help the plant replace reserves lost over the winter


In the summer, we carefully select controlled-release elements to prevent damage caused by excessive heat, when the plants are stressed or when the lawn is under heavy use.


Growing Greener Grass with Perfect Ground Solutions - Ware Hertfordshire


There is lots of information on how to grow grass or growing greener grass – but the basics are quite simple. Getting the correct amount of the right nutritional elements, applied evenly at the right time, will go a long way to helping make your lawn look amazing.


There are times when managing grass growth is key, for example:


  • Producing slow growing grass, such as awkward to cut areas
  • Protecting lawns under marquees
  • To stop lawn growth when home owners or residents are away


We do this using natural plant hormones and adjusting the nutrition to help manage the growth.


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