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Lawn Aeration Services in Ware, Hertfordshire


As we provide lawn aeration services, we’re often asked “What is Lawn Aeration?” and “How does it benefit our lawn?


Let’s begin at the start! Firstly, the care of the soil underneath many lawns is often overlooked. The soil contains a multitude of Flora and Fauna which not only support and sustain the grass but on a global scale, help provide a balance of gases and other substances that allows our planet to exist the way it does.


On a local level, there is much that can be done to the soil to help it support and sustain grass and lawns.


Soil is very complex and contains thousands of fungi and bacteria that help to break down and turn organic and inorganic matter into molecules. These are then used by plant root systems as a food and are “aerobic” in that they require oxygen.


One of the major problems on grass areas can be “compaction”, often caused by machinery or heavy pedestrian traffic. This compaction is caused by “squashing” soils particles together which forms an impervious layer preventing both water and air entering the soil.


This problem can be removed by using lawn aerators. As a provider of lawn aeration services, we understand the damage that can be done when using the aeration equipment at the wrong time. If lawn aerators are used when conditions are too wet, compaction will be increased and the soil will be left in a worse state than before.


Rest assured that as lawn aeration specialists, we’ll aerate your lawn at the right time and ensure no damage is made.


Grass Aerator Specialist Company


All grass can be aerated at any time of the year when the conditions are right! Different soils respond differently to different machinery applications. As grass aerator specialists, we’ll help you understand what will improve your soil and when would be best to carry out the work.


In our experience, many companies carry out aeration when the conditions are not right, causing compaction and damaging drainage and the plants root system. So, be careful when choosing a professional grass aerator.


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