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Perfect Ground Solutions get asked to look at lawns that are just not looking right and are no longer meeting the client’s needs; the lawn is getting old and tired and we're asked to come and fix it.


This is often due to the ingress of coarse wild grasses (such as cocksfoot and soft brome). The seed has usually been brought in by birds or the wind over time. These coarse grasses have a very deleterious effect on the appearance of the lawn. These indigenous weed grasses are often more vigorous than the amenity grasses used for high quality lawns and so they grow faster and create tussocky patches. 


Where this is affecting a large area, it is not a major issue to repair the whole tired lawn.  We use herbicides in a targeted way to ensure that the weed grasses are completely killed so that they can’t grow back from the surface runners or roots.  The next step is to remove the bulky old grass material, including any thatch – we always remove this material from the site for the client. 


The below picture shows a lawn being over seeded after the old grass has been sprayed off and removed.



Finally the area is overseeded using the best grass seed types for the location and type of lawn required. Where the soil is warm and moist we will see new green cover within 14 days and the lawn will then continue to thicken rapidly. We also look to make sure that the soil microflora is in good health which is a key part of rapid and sustainable development. Where required, we will look to add additional bio stimulants and in some cases add additional microflora to improve soil health rapidly. 


Aftercare is important to give the right balance of water and nutrients to support the grass growth.  In some situations, fungicides may also be needed to help the new grass resist fungal diseases during early growth. As you can see, we are very experienced in the development of tailored aftercare packages for the client, to ensure that renovated area establishes as a long-lasting lawn of high quality.


Here we see the new grass some two weeks after seeding. This lawn will rapidly thicken into a new lawn at a fraction of the cost of turfing.



We offer all-year-round advice and lawn care services aimed at making sure your lawn is kept in the best possible health. Firstly by assessing the health of your soil and where required making adjustments to the soil acidity which will help improve nutrient uptake and improve the soil microflora. We will also provide a programme for ongoing nutrition which will vary from season to season to take into account the seasonal weather and the lawn response.


Different soil types require different nutritional programs and Perfect ground Solutions makes sure that the programme used on your lawn is suitable for your soil type whilst also taking into account the weather at the time. This means that we will change programmes in hot dry spells or in seasons with above average rainfall.


Contact us today to discuss how Perfect Ground Solutions can transform your tired-looking lawn into a vibrant, healthy and aesthetically-looking lawn.