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Perfect Ground Solutions often get asked to look at lawns that are uneven. Soil will continue to settle and consolidate naturally for five to ten years following building or drainage work. Removal of trees or animal activity (moles, rabbits etc) can also lead to unevenness. The best approaches and timing will depend on the cause of any slumping, the soil type and its existing condition and so, long before we bring in any new soil, we carry out a full investigation of the site. 



The picture above shows a domestic lawn, which unfortunately had been badly laid over unconsolidated ground. Subsequent soil settlement led to the lawn becoming uneven.


In this case, the solution was simple: we used a scarifier across the whole lawn to remove the bulk of the vegetative material before applying a heavy topdressing of a sandy loam good quality topsoil, which was allowed to settle naturally before final consolidation, levelling and overseeding. 


The grass seed mix was selected to suit the client’s requirements – here the grass varieties allow mowing to a very short height. We also look to make sure that the soil microflora is in good health which is a key part of rapid and sustainable development.


Where required, we will look to add additional bio stimulants and in some cases add additional microflora to improve soil health rapidly.


We offer year-round advice and services aimed at making sure your lawn is kept in the best possible health. Firstly, by assessing the health of your soil and where required making adjustments to the soil acidity which will help improve nutrient uptake and improve the soil microflora.


We will also provide a programme for ongoing nutrition which will vary from season to season to take into account the seasonal weather and the lawn response. Different soil types require different nutritional programmes, so we make sure that the programme used for your lawn is suitable for your soil type, whilst also taking into account the weather at the time. This means that we will change programmes in hot dry spells or in seasons with above average rainfall.


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