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Golf Course Maintenance & Treatment Services in Hertfordshire


Golf courses are one of the most heavily used sports surfaces (similar to football pitches) in the UK, often used all day, every day throughout the week. Maintaining golf courses is a complex role including a range of cultural activities as well as fertiliser usage and spray application.


Perfect Ground Solutions’ treatment services for golf grass provide:


  • Planned applications of the latest’s golf turf control products throughout the year
  • Help with emergency applications when pest problems occur, in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex


Golf green applications are often required when conditions underfoot are soft. Using quad bikes, we carry out spray applications with a very light footprint, reducing compaction and damage.


Golf Course / Putting Green Grass Management


Golf course management involves a comprehensive range of cultural and chemical applications applied throughout the year. We’re often called in to treat golf courses after heavy course use or the effects of unseasonal weather conditions.


Golf course grass spray licensing and purchasing can be very complicated to those new to this area. To address this, as sprayer application specialists, we can manage regulatory requirements ourselves. This ensures peace of mind that all applications to your golf grass are carried out in an accurate and timely manner.

To maintain your golf course or putting green grass, regular applications include:


  • Wetting Agents
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides to prevent or control disease
  • Fertilisers
  • Moss control
  • Worm Cast Suppression
  • Growth Regulators


To discuss maintaining or treating your golf course grass, please contact us to arrange an informal visit. Alternatively read our latest news, find out more about us or sign up for our email newsletter.